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Schedule and handouts

Moon, Mars and ISS was designed for delivery in ten 90-minute blocks. Each block consists of two 45 minute Activities. Throughout the program there are lessons, experiments, and Videos/DVDs. Starting in the 3rd block, the students work independently on their Specialties. The Program culminates with student presentations of their final projects and an exhibit of select student projects at the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Below is the Program schedule, followed by a detailed description of the Blocks and Activities. All Program handouts are accessible through this page.

Moon, Mars and ISS is a 10 block Program. It culminates with a student exhibit at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.


PDF files of all teacher and student handouts

0-1-T, Program overview, Rev. B pdf
0-2-T, Handout summary pdf
0-3-T, Teacher notes, Rev. B pdf
0-4-T, Streaming video pdf
1-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
1-2-T, Teacher notes, Rev. B pdf
1-3-S, Moon, Mars, and ISS pdf
1-4-S, Explorer Projects, Rev. B pdf
1-5-S, Destination and specialization, Rev. B pdf
1-6-T, Inner planets teacher, Rev. B pdf
1-7-S, Inner planets, Rev. B pdf
1-8-S, Parent authorization pdf
1-9-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
2-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
2-2-T, Solar system and beyond, teacher notes pdf
2-3-S, Solar system and beyond pdf
2-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
3-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
3-2-T, Teacher notes, Rev. B pdf
3-3-T, Outer planets, teacher pdf
3-4-S, Outer planets, Rev. B pdf
3-5-T, Name that inner planet, teacher pdf
3-6-S, Activity Name that inner planet, student pdf
3-7-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
4-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
4-2-T, Space exploration, the universe, teacher notes, Rev. B pdf
4-3-S, Space exploration pdf
4-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
5-1-T, Required materials pdf
5-2-T, Crater, teacher pdf
5-3-S, Crater, student pdf
5-4-T, Quiz, Name that planet, teacher, Rev. B pdf
5-5-S, Quiz, Name that planet, student pdf
5-6-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
6-1-T, Spectra, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
6-2-T, Spectra, teacher pdf
6-3-S, Spectra, student pdf
6-4-T, Name that celestial body, teacher pdf
6-5-S, Name that celestial body, student pdf
6-6-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
7-1-T, Forms Materials, Rev. B pdf
7-2-T, teachers, Rev. B pdf
7-3-S, students, Rev. B pdf
7-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
8-1-T, Materials, Rev. B pdf
8-2-T, Rockets, teacher notes, Rev. B pdf
8-3-S, Rockets, student pdf
8-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
9-1-T, Forms-Materials Rev. B pdf
9-2-S, Project requirements pdf
9-3-S, Final projects pdf
9-4-T, Lunar problem, teacher pdf
9-5-S, Lunar problem, student pdf
9-6-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
10-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
10-2-T, Comet, teacher, Rev. B pdf
10-3-S, Comet, student, Rev. B pdf
10-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
11-1-T, Discovery, Rev. B pdf
11-2-T, Discovery-DVD, teacher notes pdf
11-3-S, Discovery-DVD, student pdf
11-4-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
12-1-T, Required materials, Rev. B pdf
12-2-T, Satellite Technology-DVD, teacher notes pdf
12-3-S, Satellite Technology-DVD, student pdf
12-4-T, ISS-Video, teacher notes pdf
12-5-S, ISS-Video, student pdf
12-6-T, Evaluation, Rev. B pdf
12-7-S, Astronomy Project Progress Report pdf






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